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A diverse workforce and inclusive workplace

We are dedicated to ensuring a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace. Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion are more than following policies and procedures; it is an important element of WEC Energy Group’s core strategic competencies and annual goals. We value diversity, equity and inclusion as an opportunity to strengthen our company’s success.

We encourage employee workforce development by fostering inclusion and equal opportunity for all employees, including women and all minority employees. A number of initiatives, including educating employees about diversity and inclusion, make our companies attractive employers for persons of diverse backgrounds. These include company support for a variety of development opportunities, such as programs for current leaders, an Emerging Leaders program that helps employees in nonsupervisory roles develop their leadership skills, and webinars to educate employees and leaders regarding the company’s individual development plan process.

With a focus on inclusion, we promote business resource groups with executive sponsorship. The company has nine active groups to engage the diverse backgrounds of our employees, including race and gender. The groups support community building and career development. They foster an atmosphere of inclusion and engage our employees in using their talents and interests to spark innovation and support our strategic goals.

In addition, strategic recruitment is a key business driver for our companies. Our recruitment strategy is multifaceted. We focus on growing a superior organization by attracting, selecting, onboarding, developing and retaining the right talent to meet business needs. We use a variety of local, state, and national partners to share our job postings in an effort to ensure our opportunities are visible across a wide audience. We have built relationships with agencies, high schools, colleges and universities in the areas our companies serve, and we invest in a variety of programs and initiatives to foster diverse talent.

As part of our commitment to transparency, we are sharing WEC Energy Group’s EEO-1 report, an annual data collection that requires certain private sector employers to submit to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission demographic workforce data, including data by race/ethnicity, gender and job categories. WEC Energy Group’s Annual Consolidated EEO-1 Report (link to pdf) is a snapshot in time of our demographics and is based on categories required by the federal government. For more information on our ongoing progress as a company, including our additional commitments around diversity and inclusion, please visit our Corporate Responsibility Report.

WEC diversity: overall company 41 percent diverse (25 percent female employees, 25 percent racially, ethnically diverse employees). Company leadership 36 percent diverse (25 percent female leaders and 18 percent racially, ethnically diverse leaders)

*Leaders with direct reports

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