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We are a leading Midwest electric and natural gas holding company with subsidiaries serving 4.6 million customers in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota. We also maintain majority ownership in the federally regulated American Transmission Co. Our scale and geographic proximity allow for operating efficiencies across 71,700 miles of electric distribution and transmission lines, and 7,700 megawatts of power capacity. In addition, WEC Infrastructure LLC owns a growing fleet of renewable generation facilities in the Midwest.

Our subsidiaries’ 7,000 employees focus on safety, reliable service, customer satisfaction and shareholder value. Some of our subsidiaries have histories dating back more than a century. Our primary headquarters is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and we also have headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, and Green Bay, Wisconsin, as well as other facilities throughout the areas our companies serve.

Some matters discussed in our Investors section are forward-looking statements. Read our disclosure statement for details. Some financial content is provided by other sources. Content from other services and sites is not provided by and is not attributable to WEC Energy Group.