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North Shore Gas employees

Business resource groups

Our business resource groups provide opportunities for innovation and development by helping employees connect with others who have similar interests, want to grow professionally, and want to use their talents and interests to support the company’s strategic goals outside of their day-to-day job duties. They reflect WEC Energy Group’s values of inclusion and diversity. Each group is open to any employee.

African American Business Resource Group (AABRG)

African American Business Resource Group (AABRG) logoAABRG nurtures an environment that supports African American professionals pursuing professional excellence. Its mission focuses on:

  • Raising diversity awareness and inclusiveness between leaders and colleagues
  • Creating a cohesive relationship within the company workforce and the community
  • Making the company an employer of choice for African Americans while contributing to company success

Asian Americans and Friends (AAF)

Asian Americans and Friends (AAF) logoThe Asian Americans and Friends (AAF) mission is to provide a framework in which members continually develop their competencies, optimize their contributions to the company and perform community service. It focuses on:

  • Launching initiatives to support competency assessment and employee growth/career development
  • Encouraging an increase in volunteerism
  • Hosting events supporting work-life balance

Health and Disability Allies (HDA)

Health and Disability Allies logoHDA engages employees with a shared interest in or experience with a physical or mental health condition or a disability and those with a general interest in health and/or abilities. Its goals are to provide support, address stigmas, and promote understanding and inclusion by:

  • Advancing health and disability awareness, education and support at a peer level
  • Destigmatizing physical and mental health conditions and disabilities
  • Advocating for affected family members and communities


Latino-inspired support for talent and outreach logoListo!+ stands for Latino-inspired support for talent and outreach, and serves as a liaison between Latino employees and the company. Its mission focuses on:

  • Providing unity, leadership and individual career development
  • Serving as an asset to the company by influencing and shaping policies
  • Sharing Latino culture, providing community outreach and heightening awareness of Latino issues to ensure inclusion and responsiveness

Management Development Network (MDN)

Management Development Network (MDN) logoMDM provides the company’s nonrepresented employees with opportunities for:

  • Growing professionally and enhancing leadership skills
  • Learning more about the company
  • Developing relationships and improving collaboration between business units

Military Service Members Association (MSMA)

Military Service Members Association (MSMA) logoMSMA provides support, networking and career development opportunities. Its mission focuses on:

  • Increasing engagement and retention of employees who are veterans, National Guard or Reserves members, or are family members of veterans, National Guard or Reserves members
  • Helping with the transition into civilian life and the company
  • Providing awareness for nonveteran employees about the numbers and diversity of veterans, and the valuable leadership skills gained as part of their military experience

Next Generation Network (NGN)

Next Generation Network (NGN) logoNGN works to attract, develop and retain emerging professionals. It helps young professionals excel in their careers by providing tools and opportunities to become involved in four core areas:

  • Energy industry: Becoming informed about the latest industry news and trends
  • Career building: Improving skills and engaging with senior-level leadership
  • Networking: Learning from peers in other business units
  • Community: Giving back by volunteering for diverse causes


WEC PROUD logoWEC PROUD’s objective is to foster a safe environment for individuals to be their authentic selves in the workplace. Goals include:

  • Creating opportunities that help advance LGBT+ professionals and allies
  • Establishing a network and safe space that fosters an inclusive atmosphere
  • Increasing awareness of and sensitivity toward LGBT+ issues
  • Establishing a positive image of WEC Energy Group as a leader in diversity and inclusion through community outreach and community service
  • Retaining and recruiting individuals and advocates associated with the LGBT+ community

Women’s Development Network (WDN)

Women’s Development Network (WDN) logoWDN equips employees with information for their professional development and well-being, with specific emphasis on:

  • Promoting a safe work environment for all employees that is affirming, inclusive and respectful
  • Fostering empowerment and encouraging success
  • Networking: Learning from peers in other business units
  • Hosting development webinars, community involvement, information sessions, and various health events on topics that include working safely, work-life balance and self-development