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Funding questions and answers

Can we meet to discuss a request?

Because of time and resource constraints, we rarely meet with grant seekers. We encourage you to carefully review our eligibility requirements and take the time to submit a thoughtful and thorough grant application online.

Do you fund capital campaigns?

We support some capital campaigns, but most giving is for programs or projects.

Do you provide general operating support?

We prefer to support a particular program or project. We do not provide operating funds to individual United Way agencies that already benefit from our donations to United Way. While United Way supported organizations are excluded for general operating support, they are eligible to apply for a project, program or capital campaign and event sponsorships.

What is an appropriate request amount?

The amount should be based on a program’s budget, existing organizational resources and forecast for additional funding. As you determine the amount, keep in mind that we have limited resources to address many needs in the communities we serve. A request for an amount that is not feasible may eliminate your project from our consideration.

What is the range of grant amounts?

Many are $1,000 or less. Grants of $25,000 or more are rare. We consider many factors, including the specific project, program or initiative and the organization making the request, to determine funding amounts. Before allocating grants, we take into consideration your organization’s mission, strategy, reputation, financial health, support from other funding sources, and the proposal’s overall budget and projected impact.

Can more than one grant proposal be submitted for review?

Typically, an organization only will be eligible to receive funding once per calendar year. That means that you have an option of submitting multiple proposals knowing that only one will be funded or submitting a single proposal that combines the projects. Some exceptions may be made when an organization hosts multiple divisions or departments, or when the projects target different areas of focus.