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Environmental policy statement

We embrace our responsibility to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy in an environmentally sustainable manner. We set our strategies and run our operations with an emphasis on continuous improvement and a vision to deliver a cleaner energy future.

We commit to:


  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reshaping our generation fleet.
  • Support environmental research and development.
  • Monitor and regularly share information about environmental performance.


  • Protect properties entrusted to our management.
  • Mitigate the environmental impact of our operations.
  • Support local communities through stewardship efforts.


  • Maintain a system of checks and balances over our processes and systems.
  • Equip employees and contractors with proper environmental training and tools.
  • Hold all employees and contractors accountable to address issues promptly.


  • Work with government entities and regulators to develop policies that balance the interests of all parties and protect human health and the environment.
  • Build long-term community partnerships.
  • Keep customers and other stakeholders informed and encourage their feedback.